sahar is a professor, artist, aspiring sitarist, and attempting self marketing!

Sahar Farooqui Khundmiri is an American Muslim (Muslim American?) with a variety of very costly degrees and certificates in the ~*humanities*~. She is in to 2D portrait art in all mediums, surrealist art, writing, animals, R&B, Eastern beats, raga, and grooming her eyebrows.

She hopes to use this site as a voice for her passion on art, social movements, cross-cultural womxnhood, and the presence of PoCs in the Western hemisphere.

Here, you will see:

  • Womxn-centric art, pop culture referential art, political art, and culture
  • Rants in blog form regarding:
    • intersectionality
    • fourth wave feminism
    • classism
    • womxn, gender, & sexuality
    • decolonization
    • deconstruction and reconstruction/reparations
    • race & my own cultural identity
    • #BlackLivesMatter
    • religious studies & theology
    • issues within the Muslim community
    • affect theory
    • food
    • nonprofit sector
    • being a professor
  • Sitar videos…but, to be frank, she just started and is not at all good…but she loves it and she is bigly dedicated
  • Memes
  • More lists?! SHE LOVES LISTS

You are more than welcome to follow her on her journey as she attempts to become a more well-rounded individual that hopefully does not end up being a slave to capitalism. You don’t have to “work, work, work, work, work, work” (Rihanna, 2016) in order to prove your worth. You are worth so much more than your productivity.